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For reconstructive skull and calvarium surgery to restore functionality and appearance, it’s of the utmost importance to work with a surgeon who is a specialist in this area, such as those on our team at Regency. 

What is skull and calvarium reconstruction?

Skull and calvarium deformity can be the result of infection, a birth defect, a tumor, trauma, or surgery. Skull and calvarium reconstruction addresses not only the issue with the bone, but also the muscle, skin, and fat defects to create a more normal structure and aesthetic appearance for the patient. 

When is skull and calvarium reconstruction done?

Skull and calvarium reconstruction is typically performed after neurosurgical intervention is done. The goal of the reconstructive surgery is to restore the functionality and appearance of the area. This includes establishing normal bone contour with a bone graft, bone substitute, or custom implants. 

Techniques for skull reconstruction

Autologous reconstruction 

In autologous reconstruction, your reconstructive surgeon will use your own bone from another part of your body to correct the issue. This method offers a decreased chance of infection and reduced risk of extrusion. Autologous reconstruction includes:

  • Iliac crest bone graft
  • Split calvarial bone graft
  • Rib graft

Alloplastic reconstruction 

In alloplastic reconstruction, the surgeon uses a synthetic material to reconstruct the area. The most common synthetic materials used for this surgery include:

  • Calcium phosphate products
  • Titanium mesh
  • Polymethymetacrylate
  • Custom polyetheretherketone patient-specific implant

Reduction cranioplasty 

An incision is made within the hair-baring scalp and the bony protrusions are shaved down. The method for a specific patient’s reduction cranioplasty will be based on the cause of the defect, its location, size, and shape, and if infection is present. 

Experience matters

When selecting the right surgeon to perform skull and calvarium reconstruction, it is critical to find a specialist in the area of reconstruction and plastic surgery

Working with a surgeon who is board-certified, experienced, and knows everything about skull and calvarium reconstruction is essential to achieving the best outcome. At Regency, we are proud to include skull and calvarium reconstruction specialists on our team. 

Reconstruction experts in Phoenix 

At Regency, one of our areas of expertise is reconstructive surgery. We are a patient-centric practice delivering the very best in reconstruction surgery. Our goal is to deliver the highest level of care and availability with the top specialists in Arizona. As a patient-centric practice that values each and every individual we see, we promise the very best service and outcome. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please call 623-243-9077 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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