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Regency Specialties has partnered with community wound centers to combine the latest in soft tissue reconstruction techniques with cutting-edge wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

What is wound reconstruction?

Complex and chronic wounds can be severely debilitating to every aspect of a patient’s health and social interaction. Wounds may have trouble healing due to lost capacity to heal, underlying infection, and other factors. Wound reconstruction restores functionality of the wounded areas with advanced treatment.

Regency’s wound reconstruction specialist, Dr. Mussman, has been able to heal wounds that have existed for decades for patients that had nearly lost all hope.  Dr. Mussman has also cleared infections and provided soft tissue coverage to save limbs, reconstruct cancer defects, and salvage exposed medical devices and hardware for many patients. 

Dr. Mussman will be glad to discuss any concerns with you during your consultation. He will also outline a treatment plan created specifically for you and your needs. Please contact us for an appointment if you are interested in advanced wound reconstruction with Dr. Mussman.

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