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AK Treatment in Arizona

Actinic keratosis (also known as “AK”) is a pre-cancerous condition that presents as small patches on areas of the skin that have been heavily exposed to the sun. AKs are the precursor lesion for squamous cell carcinoma.

These patches may be red, rough, flaky, scaly or even appear as sores. Chances of developing the condition increase with age and sun exposure. Although AK can occur anywhere on the body, it is the head, neck, arms, hands and lower legs that are most likely to be affected. Treatment options can help destroy pre-cancerous cells without harming healthy tissues.

Treatment for actinic keratosis

Studies quote 1:5 to 1:20 can turn into squamous cell carcinoma. These can be easily treated with sun safety techniques, topical therapy, liquid nitrogen, and other modalities. As a leading Arizona dermatologist, Dr. Davis has many years of experience helping patients with Actinic keratosis. 

Example of actinic keratosis

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