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Skin Cancer Treatment and Screenings in Arizona

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Regency provides the skin cancer screenings that you need to develop a skin cancer treatment plan. Visit our office in Phoenix, AZ to begin the process of identifying and treating your skin cancer.

Importance of skin cancer screenings

Because skin cancer is so common in the United States, you should be checked regularly to ensure that you are free from it. The sooner that the cancer is identified, the sooner we can begin treatment. Skin cancer is generally treatable if caught early. We understand the importance of identifying the location, extent, and type of skin cancer as early as possible. 

When you come in for your screening, we perform the visual evaluation, and we can provide insight for self-examination tips. Perform regular self-examinations and visit our office if you notice any irregularities, and be sure to share what you have observed at your regular skin cancer screening. Self-examinations may be difficult to perform by yourself, but with a couple of mirrors you can visually evaluate your entire body.

Screening and treatment options

Our skin cancer screenings are generally full-body visual examinations that last 10 to 15 minutes. We take you to a private room and perform the non-invasive examination. A full-body scan helps ensure that your entire body is free of cancer. If you prefer, we do provide screenings for only exposed areas of skin. However, remember that such a screening cannot confirm that you are completely free of skin cancer.

Be sure to receive a screening especially if you have the following factors, as they put you at increased risk of skin cancer:

  • You have previously had melanoma
  • You have a history of multiple sunburns
  • You have a history of excessive sun exposure
  • You have a family history of melanoma

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