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Waxing in Phoenix should be performed by a skincare expert who understands how to work with all skin types, including sensitive skin. Our licensed estheticians at Matisse MedSpa are here for you! Waxing should be performed with the hair about ¼ inch long for the best results. Most of our waxing clients schedule an appointment every four to five weeks to retain smooth, hair-free skin. Regular waxing can reduce hair growth with time, making appointments easier over time.

Preparing for your waxing appointment

Before your waxing appointment, avoiding taking a long, hot shower is best. Soaking the hair can soften the strands, allowing it to break off more easily. For optimal results, the hair is removed below the skin so the surface remains smooth and hair-free for longer.

Custom facial waxing treatments at Matisse Medspa

Bikini line

Bikini waxing has become a popular method of hair removal for women. It involves the removal of hair from the pubic area, leaving the skin smooth and hairless for several weeks. Although the process can be uncomfortable, many women find the results worthwhile. Over time, regular bikini waxing can even reduce the amount and thickness of hair in the area, making it a more manageable and comfortable experience.


Brazilian waxing removes all hair from the pubic area, including the labia and buttocks. This method leaves the skin completely smooth and hairless, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a more polished look. The results can last several weeks, making it a convenient option for those who want to avoid frequent shaving or other hair removal methods.


Underarm waxing leaves the skin smooth and hairless, and the results can last for several weeks, making it a convenient choice for those who want to maintain a sleek appearance. Additionally, regular waxing can help to thin out the hair over time, making it easier to remove and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.


Smooth, hairless legs can make you feel confident and ready to take on the day. Waxing is a great way to achieve this look, as it removes hair at the root and provides longer-lasting results than shaving. Our experienced waxing professionals use high-quality products and techniques to ensure a gentle and effective treatment.

Why schedule your waxing appointment at Matisse Medspa?

Regular waxing appointments are a must, but these appointments can be relaxing and comfortable when you are under the care of the waxing pros at Matisse Medspa. Take the time to relax, lie back, and enjoy the luxurious, state-of-the-art environment. Book a spa day with friends or family or enjoy some alone time and schedule facials or other treatments.

You will find our providers to be personable, warm, and focused on ensuring you achieve the look you want, in comfort and luxury. We are honored that our med spa has achieved a reputation as the Premier Center for Skin Rejuvenation and Care and we invite you to experience a place where the journey to hair-free skin is a pleasure.

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