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How does Halo Laser work?

Sun-damaged skin is not rare for residents of Arizona. Pool time, golfing, and daily life leave the facial skin exposed to damaging UV rays. The skin cells react, and the DNA of the cells is altered, with wrinkles, lines, sun spots, and uneven tone and texture appearing. The Halo Laser in Phoenix works by emitting fractionated beams of laser energy, generating heat within the skin cells. The heat stimulates a healing response in the skin, causing it to build new skin cells to replace the damaged cells, for a refreshed, smooth, flawless look.

What can Halo Laser treatment do for your skin?

When you undergo a Halo Laser treatment at Matisse Medspa, you can expect an overall improvement in skin tone, texture, and a softening of lines and wrinkles, along with a reduction in enlarged pores, and a fresh, natural glow. This device produces beautiful changes in skin quality, treating any of the following conditions:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun spots, age spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough or uneven skin texture
  • Freckles
  • Facial scars, acne-scarred skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Loose or sagging skin

Who is a candidate for Halo Laser?

If you see the signs of sun or age-related skin damage, you are likely a good candidate for a Halo Laser treatment. It is appropriate for adults with all skin types.

What is the treatment like?

To make the treatment comfortable, a topical anesthetic is applied first. Once the skin is numbed, the laser device is passed over the skin. You may feel a warming or pricking sensation, but the treatment is reasonably comfortable to experience. For the most significant improvements in skin quality and tone, a series of treatments may be the best approach.

What is the recovery time after Halo Laser?

After your treatment, your skin will feel warm, which will continue for about an hour. However, you can go back to your usual activities immediately after the treatment. The skin may begin to peel the following day. You must avoid touching your skin as it heals and are free to wear makeup to camouflage the skin reaction. You will begin to see the results in about one week, with continued skin improvements in the months ahead. It is important that you avoid sun exposure while your skin is healing, and keep it well protected with moisturizer and sunscreen.

Why choose Matisse Medspa for Halo Laser treatments?

Matisse Medspa is a state-of-the-art aesthetic center, established by the founders of Regency Specialties, a leading medical specialty center that offers a range of treatments, from dermatology to plastic surgery, as well as more complex reconstructive procedures.

Both Regency and Matisse Medspa were established to deliver the highest level of service and care, unmatched quality of care, and results that you can see and feel. With the Halo Laser, you can expect a remarkable level of skin rejuvenation, and a client experience that is second to none – we believe you deserve the best.

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