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Implant Based Breast Reconstruction in Phoenix

If you are interested in rebuilding your breast(s) using implants, Regency offers an excellent team of experienced breast reconstruction specialists in the Phoenix area. 

Benefits of implant-based breast reconstruction

When a woman decides to undergo breast reconstruction after having a mastectomy or after having experienced trauma to the breast, she has the choice to use existing tissue from her own body to rebuild the breast(s), or to use breast implants. Implants are a very popular choice due to the fact that they do not create new scars, and the operation takes a shorter time than flap surgery.

Is implant-based breast reconstruction right for you?

The decision to undergo a breast reconstruction at all is a very personal decision that will vary from patient to patient. The decision to have autologous breast reconstruction or implant-based reconstruction is even more personal. 

Sometimes the decision comes down to the patient’s own personal choice—but it often comes down to other factors, which include: 

  • The patient’s body mass
  • The patient’s future therapy
  • The type of mastectomy the patient had
  • The professional opinion of the surgeon

Experience matters

If you’re thinking about breast reconstruction with implants, it is critical to speak with a surgeon who is board-certified, experienced, and knows everything about reconstruction. At Regency, we are proud to be breast reconstruction experts in the Phoenix, Buckeye, and Surprise area. We love caring for patients who are survivors of cancer and other trauma. We cannot stress enough the importance of selecting a reconstruction team that is not only highly skilled, but also patient-centric and caring.

Implant-based breast reconstruction techniques

Breast reconstruction with implants is either done during the mastectomy, or later. When it is done at the same time, it’s called “immediate breast reconstruction”. When it’s done later, it’s called “delayed breast reconstruction”.  While most women prefer to have breast reconstruction done at the same time as the mastectomy (only one procedure), there are sometimes medical reasons why they aren’t able to. 

When implant-based breast reconstruction is done later, a temporary tissue expander has to be used. During the mastectomy, the tissue expander is placed behind the chest muscle. Over the course of a few months, the tissue expander is inflated with saline or saltwater with a syringe. This gradually stretches the muscle and skin over time to get the area ready for the future implants. 

What are the advantages of implant-based reconstruction?

Many women appreciate the fact that breast implant-based reconstruction does not create new scars. Rather, the incisions from the mastectomy will be used to insert the implants. Implant-based reconstruction also requires less surgery and recovery time than autologous breast reconstruction. The implants will also remain the same size, no matter if you lose or gain weight. Furthermore, with autologous breast reconstruction, sometimes the area of the body where the tissue is taken has complications. There is no risk of donor site complications with implant-based breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction experts in Phoenix

If you’re interested in undergoing breast reconstruction in Phoenix, Buckeye, Surprise, or the nearby areas, put yourself in the skilled hands of our team of breast reconstruction specialists. We are a patient-centric practice delivering the very best in reconstruction surgery. We keep your safety and wellbeing in mind at all times, and you will feel completely welcome from the moment you enter our door to your very last follow-up appointment. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please call 623-243-9077 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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