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Ciara Moore

General Manager

Ciara strongly believes patient care and customer service are the top priority in the medical field, and feels her passion for the two are a major contribution to her success with the company. Her background includes 10 years of back office and management duties, to which she gained majority of her knowledge in the medical world.

In the past, she has also had the opportunity to manage teams dealing with contracts for air ambulances and the sales world with various CEOs all from various hospitals across the country. As the office manager, Ciara believes she should always lead by example. In doing so, she continues to educate herself in the world of medicine and management. She strongly feels that she can never stop learning new ways to contribute to her company and her team. In her downtime, Ciara enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Kaylin Boughman

Office Manager

Kaylin Boughman is the assistant manager at Regency Specialties. She believes that professional care for patients and hospitality are most important. She has over 10 years of experience in the medical field, specializing in customer service and team building. With her skills, she continues to provide great professionalism to our patients and management team.

Kaylin continues to educate herself in the industry and excel in patient care. Prior to her management position, she ran the front office at Regency and built an outstanding receptionist team. Her desire for Regency is happy, healthy patients and to provide a great experience. 

With an executive team behind her, she is confident in Regency to provide the best services to patients. When Kaylin is not working, she enjoys adventuring with her husband and three children.

Kashuna Hopkins

Revenue Cycle Manager

Kashuna began her career in healthcare as front office staff answering phones, taking messages, and making appointments. As her skill set grew, she effectively managed and maintained multiple positions with varying medical practices.

Her first role was front office, where she learned how to listen to patients and their needs. Her next position was medical records, where the most important skill was maintaining patient confidentiality. Following that, the authorization department was the next promotion. This became the base of her knowledge, as this is where she learned insurance types and benefits. Most recently her experience excelled her to a promotion as billing manager for Regency Specialties. This is where she gained a wide range of knowledge — from collections, credentialing, appeals, and coding to management.

Kashuna’s background includes her experience as CEO and owner of Favored Medical Billing Service (FMBS). Her leadership, commitment to education, and passion for her work has enabled her to operate with a very diverse array of clients and facilities.

These include doulas, midwives, and dentists, as well as mental health and naturopathic providers. Kashuna received her Certified Professional Coders license in May 2011. She is married to her husband of 10 years, Lloyd Hopkins, and they have two beautiful children: their son Atllas, and their daughter, Starry.

Pooneh Mussman

Regency Specialties Project Lead

Mrs. Mussman is a Board Certified Physician Assistant by training with experience in Hospital Medicine and Aesthetics. She is passionate about the patient experience from quality of care to creating a calming physical environment to allow for patients to encounter the utmost peace of mind. Due to her interest in the creation and function of processes, she currently serves as the Regency Specialties Project Lead with focus on expansion and development of medical office spaces. Since Regency’s inception she has had the pleasure of working closely with the Architectural, Design, and Building Teams to ensure that Regency’s focus on quality, efficiency, and stunning results translate into their clinical settings. Mrs. Mussman also works with a number of local as well as national companies to aide in various internal projects such as creating labs and surgical spaces to meet all patient and staff needs. Her vision spans across 3 offices that range from 2,000 to 19,000 sq ft.

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