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Abdominoplasty in Surprise

If you’re unhappy with the loose, sagging skin on your abdomen, the very popular tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) procedure has the ability to slim, sculpt, and flatten the belly. If you’re interested in receiving a tummy tuck, our Surprise, Phoenix and our Tucson center have specialists that can help.

What is a tummy tuck?

One of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures, a tummy tuck removes fat and restores the abdomen after pregnancy or significant weight loss. This transformative surgery addresses the loose, drooping skin that can often cause embarrassment, and can greatly improve the patient’s confidence and quality of life.

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Key benefits of a tummy tuck

  • Improves loose, sagging skin left over from pregnancy or weight loss
  • Restores weakened or separated muscles
  • Provides a more sculpted stomach
  • Improves the “C-section scar bulge” that can appear underneath clothing
  • May also help with medical issues such as hernias, urinary incontinence, bloating, posture, and back pain
  • Helps make workouts more effective

What causes loose stomach skin?

The abdominal muscles separate and become very weak when the stomach goes through a considerable change such as pregnancy or excessive weight loss. When this happens, diet and exercise can’t do much to improve the area. This can be disheartening for an individual who wants their body to look its absolute best.

Abdominoplasty surgical details

Our custom tummy tuck in Phoenix is performed under general anesthesia and takes from one to five hours. It is usually an outpatient procedure. The incisions that are made will be hidden within the bikini line to minimize visibility. Your surgeon will disconnect the skin from the underlying tissue and remove the excess, loose skin.

Liposuction may also be performed (this will be discussed during your consultation). Sometimes the patient requires muscle repair, in which case the muscles will be restored to their correct position with permanent internal sutures. 


You will be given detailed home care instructions to help with your recovery. You will be given a compression garment to wear for up to six weeks, and you may also have to have drains placed. This will be talked about during your initial consultation.

Generally an outpatient surgery performed at our medical centers in Phoenix, Buckeye and Surprise, a tummy tuck requires certain aftercare and it’s very important that you arrange for someone to help you for at least a week after your operation. Many patients schedule their operation around when a friend or family member can help them. 

Patients are usually fully recovered from a tummy tuck at six weeks, and most are able to return to light work about two weeks. Exercise should be greatly limited for six weeks, and you avoid lifting over ten pounds for the first 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery. This includes pets and children.

Candidates for a tummy tuck 

If you’re considering undergoing a tummy tuck in Surprise, Arizona or the nearby areas of Buckeye or Phoenix, you may be an excellent candidate. 

Those who make the best tummy tuck candidates are those who are very near to their goal weight and are in general good health. Candidates should also understand that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure—rather, it is a contouring procedure. 

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