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Double Board-Certified Dermatologist

Located at 14725 W Mountain View Blvd Suite 100 Surprise, AZ 85374

Dr. Betty Hinderks Davis is a nationally recognized, board-certified dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon who has practiced in the greater Phoenix area since 2005. Dr. Davis has advanced the field of dermatology and Mohs surgery through her numerous scientific and educational contributions. While an expert in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, she is passionate about skin cancer prevention and early detection, as well as working in conjunction with her patients to achieve optimal skin health.

Dr. Betty Hinderks Davis - MD

Dr. Davis graduated as an honors scholar from the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC), majoring in biochemistry. She completed her medical school training at UMC, graduating cum laude. Her residency training in dermatology was then completed at UMC. Her surgical fellowship took her to Birmingham, Alabama where she completed a Mohs and dermatologic procedural fellowship with Dr. Gary Monheit. She also received extensive cosmetic training during this time. Dr. Davis’ fellowship culminated with the receipt of the Mohs College Theodore Tromovich Award for research done on periorbital tumors in 2004, which is the highest national fellow award presented by the Mohs College.

In April 2017, Dr. Davis was also awarded the Outstanding Young Physician Honor for being distinguished in and contributing to advancement of dermatology as a medical profession by the University of Missouri.

Dr. Davis is passionate about the patient experience, and was the national recipient of the “Top Performer Clinic — Overall Patient Experience” in 2013 from Health Stream. Dr. Davis believes that great healthcare begins with a patient-centric, team-based approach. She works to ensure patients have the right care when needed, as well as early diagnosis and treatment. She strives to cultivate an environment where patients are active in their care.

  • National leader in dermatology and Mohs treatment of skin cancer
  • Arizona Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery Society Board Member since 2017
  • In practice over 20 years
  • Over 50,000 Mohs surgeries performed
  • “Top Performer Clinic — Overall Patient Experience” 2013 from Health Stream


  • Undergraduate: University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Medical School: University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Residency: University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Fellowship: MOHS and dermatologic procedural fellowship with Dr. Gary Monheit

Specializes in…

  • Skin cancer prevention
  • Skin cancer detection
  • Skin cancer treatment, Mohs Surgery, and Surgical Dermatology
  • General Dermatology
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