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1. Leadership

Lead by example. Create achievable organizational goals that allow an enhanced quality of care and experience for our patients and a superior work environment in all categories of employees.

2. Patient Focused

Constant assessment of patient values and needs.  Design outreach, medical practice, growth, and business strategy around those needs.

3. System and Process Focused

Decentralize leadership to allow improved system and process creation. The goal is to allow for a scalable framework for delivery of the highest quality care, without sacrificing patient experience or business efficiency during sustained growth.  

4. People

Recruit, retain, and improve top talent in providers and all personnel. Company hierarchy should be focused on continuous value-add to subordinates, with a goal of achieving irrelevance of the manager to the workings of the department. Medical providers will grow and adapt to evolving standards of evidence-based medicine and accepted best practices. Professionalism will be guided by standards agreed upon and reviewed regularly by all members of the group.

5. Continuous Improvement in Quality and Safety

Provide a cohesive, one-vision environment that allows for all individuals to contribute ideas to the vision. Teach people that failure should not be feared as long as lessons are learned. Create a culture of safety where all employees are encouraged to challenge processes with a goal towards improvement.

6. Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve performance through the use of data, information, and knowledge to understand variability and to improve strategic and operational decision-making.

7. Corporate Responsibility

Behave in an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible manner.

8. Sustainability

Maintain a diversified practice to allow for growth and profitability despite changes in payer mix, volume, and economic change. Focus growth and investment on serving patient needs rather than patient recruitment.

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