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Facial waxing in Phoenix should be performed by a skincare expert who understands how to work with all skin types, including sensitive skin which is why our licensed estheticians at Matisse MedSpa are here for you! For the best results, waxing should be performed with the hair about ¼ inch long. Most of our waxing clients schedule an appointment every four to five weeks to retain smooth, hair-free skin. Regular waxing can reduce hair growth with time, making appointments easier over time.

Preparing for your waxing appointment

Before your facial waxing appointment, it is best to avoid taking a long, hot shower. Soaking the hair can soften the strands, allowing it to break off more easily. You want optimal results, with the hair being removed from below the skin, so the surface remains smooth and hair-free for longer.

Custom facial waxing treatments at Matisse Medspa


Women often struggle with hair growth on the chin. It may start at a young age, or later in life. In either case, the hair needs to go, and waxing allows the chin to be smooth and hairless for about four to five weeks, while reducing the amount and hair thickness over time.


A lovely arched brow will frame your eyes, create drama, and enhance your look. Brow waxing is an art, and should be performed with ultimate care, so the right amount of hair is removed. Very thin brows were once a trend, but today’s modern day eyebrows are nicely arched and of medium thickness. Our brow waxing experts are simply the best at what they do.


Both men and women have hair on the upper lip. Most women have minor “peach-fuzz” type hair. A smooth, hairless upper lip looks lovely and fresh, without unwanted hair sprouting here and there. As hormones change with time, some women develop more facial hair. Our waxing experts will address this issue and ensure a gentle approach, so the delicate skin in the area is not damaged or overly stressed.

Full face

Many women have inherited the tendency for facial hair through the family line. A full facial hair removal will address any unwanted hair on the chin, brows, lips, and cheeks, or any other facial area.

Why schedule your waxing appointment at Matisse Medspa?

Regular waxing appointments are a must, but these appointments can be relaxing and comfortable when you are under the care of the waxing pros at Matisse Medspa. Take the time to relax, lie back, and enjoy the luxurious, state-of-the-art environment. Book a spa day with friends or family or enjoy some alone time and schedule facials or other treatments.

You will find our providers to be personable, warm, and focused on ensuring you achieve the look you want, in comfort and luxury. We are honored that our med spa has achieved a reputation as the Premier Center for Skin Rejuvenation and Care and we invite you to experience a place where the journey to hair-free skin is a pleasure.

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